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What To Look For In A Property Manager

By | Renting Tips

When it comes to your investment property, a great property manager will add value beyond the rent collection and inspections the profession is typically known for. But with so many property management companies and agents to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your property. We’ve outlined…

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Why Marketing Matters When Selling Your Home

By | Marketing Tips

When you’re selling your home, marketing is central to finding the right buyers, enticing them to inspect the property and convincing them to buy it. There are numerous options and questions to consider when it comes to marketing your property for sale. Here’s what you need to consider: Why invest in property marketing and how…

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Investment Properties – What You Need To Know

By | Investor Tips

Are you in the market for an investment property? Or are you looking to sell in an area where investors are your ideal buyer? Whether you’re buying or selling, there are key factors that will determine how attractive a property is as an investment opportunity. Capital growth When we buy property, even if we plan…

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Guide To Renovating In Annerley

By | Renovation Tips

For anyone living in Brisbane, Annerley’s transformation over the last decade is no secret. You’ll find plenty of post-war 3 bedrooms homes that have been totally renovated, with owners turning these modest 1950’s houses into modern homes that can fetch over $800,000. You’ll also find plenty of historic, pre-war Queenslanders that come up beautifully when…

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