Why Marketing Matters When Selling Your Home

When you’re selling your home, marketing is central to finding the right buyers, enticing them to inspect the property and convincing them to buy it.

There are numerous options and questions to consider when it comes to marketing your property for sale. Here’s what you need to consider:

Why invest in property marketing and how does it work?

The impact of good property marketing is twofold: first, it increases the chances of prospective buyers finding out about your property; then, once they’re aware, it highlights the property’s best features to increase the likelihood buyers will inspect and hopefully fall in love with it and make an offer.

When choosing an agent, it’s important to clarify what their marketing plan for your property would include.

Different types of property marketing

There are many different channels that can be used to market properties, but the ones chosen for your home will depend on your target buyer. A good agent will know the right way to find your ideal buyer and will usually use a combination of online and offline platforms to raise awareness of your property. This might include:

  • Signboards at the property
  • Letterbox drops
  • Print advertisements in the local newspaper
  • Advertisements on popular real estate websites
  • Targeted social media marketing, eg: Facebook ads or similar
  • Email marketing to their database

The aim is to cast a wide net with your marketing, so prospective buyers can be found no matter where they live or the types of media they use.

Professional photography for property marketing

High-quality professional photography plays a key role in highlighting your property’s best assets and encouraging buyers to come to inspections. Photos used in property marketing materials should showcase all key rooms, the exterior and any special features, so prospective buyers feel confident that they’re getting a good representation of the whole property. The photography might include daytime, dusk or aerial shots, depending on what it’s trying to convey.

Copywriting for property marketing

Just as photography does for appearances, professional copywriting is important in presenting the details of the property professionally and in a way that entices prospective buyers. Your agent might handle this writing in-house or outsource it, and you can ask to see examples of their work before you agree.

Should you stage your home when selling your property?

Buyers will envisage themselves living in the home before they buy, which is why some vendors choose to get a professional to help decorate, style or “stage”, the property to maximise its appeal to a range of buyers. This might be done by simply highlighting the best features of the property and adding some finishing touches, or it can include fully furnishing an empty property.

Home staging can be quite expensive, especially if furniture needs to be purchased or rented, but it has the potential to significantly increase the property’s final sale price. There may also be an option to virtually furnish the home to save on costs but still give buyers a feel for living in their potential new home.

If you’re unsure, your agent can help provide an objective view on if your property should be staged and how much value it may add to the sale.

And, finally

Place Annerley values marketing as a real tool in selling your home. Done well, it can really maximize your sale price. If you’d like to know how we’d approach marketing your property contact us today to discuss it.

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