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Nick Bekker
September 2, 2020

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You’ve chosen your agent, had the professional photography done and now you have to prepare your home for its first open house. The aim of your open house is to have your home as inviting as possible to prospective buyers without them “knowing” who lives there.

Sounds complicated? Here’s how to achieve it:

Tend to repairs

Buyers have a very keen eye for imperfections. Make sure you tend to small repairs as these will be noticed. Buyers will open cupboards to check on storage. Make sure your doors open and shut easily. Replace necessary light bulbs. Homes present better when each room is clean and bright.  Your agent will thank you as all the lights will be switched on during viewings.

 Store away family photos

Buyers like to vision themselves in the space. You want to present them with an impersonal, clean environment. Family heirlooms or personal photos may hinder this experience for them. Let buyers see where they will be putting down their own roots.

Pay attention to storage

Buyers like to inspect cupboards to get a feel for the storage the home has to offer. The term “less is more” should be followed here. Organise your linen cupboard as neatly as possible. The more free space you create, the larger they will appear. Clear your laundry cupboards from old musty rags. It will also do wonders for the odor of your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Paying specific attention to these two rooms can make or break a buyers viewing experience. Add freshly drier towels to the bathroom. Think plush when choosing your towels.  As for the kitchen, not everyone can afford luxury appliances. Keeping bench tops clear and adding a pop of colour to a neutral kitchen bench top can create the feeling of space. Keep in mind that your agent may need space to display their marketing. Bench tops are a great space for this.

First impressions count

Buy a fresh new welcome mat for your front door. Mow the lawn the day before your first open home and water lightly the night before. Prune and water any plants around the frontage of your home. Make sure that the property is clean of rubbish and leaves.

Professional clean

A keen-eyed buyer will spot areas that you may not have thought of cleaning. Engage a cleaning service to position your property in the best light possible. Cleaning should include washing the windows inside and out. You won’t believe the effect sparkling windows will have on the appeal of your property. Don’t give buyers any reason to remember your home as the dusty one.

The final word:

Don’t attend your own open home. It’s amazing how quickly buyers pick up if the owner is present. Trust that your agent will conduct a 5 star open home. Let him do the job you have employed him to do. Why not take your dog for a leisurely walk? You’ll be glad you did.

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